Champions Circle

Our Champions Circle is a group of visionary leaders who are building the field and ecosystem for social innovation to grow and thrive in the city.
They work in a variety of sectors and disciplines. Our Champions help make possible HUB’s field-building work and experiences including: increasing awareness of benefits of impact investing, educating startups about B Corp certification, Ottawa’s growing creative economy, among others. The HUB is helping to build the field of social innovation alongside our Champions.
Barbara McInnes

Barbara McInnes

Retired CEO, Community Foundation of Ottawa

Dave Harder Square

Dave Harder

Pastor of The Journey and Founder of The New Commons

Denise Amyot Square

Denise Amyot

President and CEO, Colleges and Institutes Canada

James McNeil Square

James McNeil

Chair of the Board, Ottawa Centre Eco District

Mike Gifford Square

Mike Gifford

Founder and President, OpenConcept

Parm Gill Square

Parm Gill

Startup Visionary

Stephen Lieff Square

Stephen Lieff

Royal York Capital

Ted Jackson Square

Ted Jackson

E.T. Jackson & Associates

Bryce Conrad Square

Bryce Conrad

President and CEO, Hydro Ottawa

David Newing Square

David Newing

Social Entrepreneur

George Brown Square

George Brown

Principal, George Brown Law

Michael Van Aanhout Square

Michael Van Aanhout

Chairman, Stratos

Nancy Wasserman

Nancy Wasserman

Principal at Sleeping Lion Consulting, Inc.

Stephen Daze Square

Stephen Daze

Telfer School of Management

Susan Philips

Susan Philips

Program Director, Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership, Carleton University

Tessa Hebb Square

Tessa Hebb

Director, Carleton Centre for Community Innovation