Experience U.Lab @ Impact Hub

Offered in partnership with 45+ Impact Hubs around the world, u.Lab: Leading from the Emerging Future is an online edX/MITx course hosted at Impact Hub Ottawa from September 9th to December 15th, 2016.
For a second year, The Presencing Institute and the global Impact Hub network are partnering to bring the edX/MITx course u.Lab: Leading From the Emerging Future to 45+ Impact Hubs around the world. We believe in the power of social change through entrepreneurial action, and see the potential for locally-rooted, globally connected communities of changemakers to catalyze systemic change with the support and learning available through the u.Lab course. u.Lab is a free online edX/MITx course running from September to December with weekly course material through which you will learn the basics of Theory U, a process developed at MIT for connecting to the more authentic aspects of who we are individually and collectively, and apply it to the issues and systems that matter most to you. By joining u.Lab @ Impact Hub Ottawa, you will meet and connect with a group of like-minded peers at live course sessions to support your u.Lab learning experience.

Benefits of participating at Impact Hub Ottawa:

  • Connection and collaboration with people in your local impact ecosystem - entrepreneurs, changemakers and regional stakeholders - who are working to solve pressing local issues and create a world that works for all.
  • A hosted environment that will support your journey through the u.Lab experience by offering the space, community and connections to bring the course and your ideas to life.
  • Active facilitation and moderation of the learning process from experienced facilitators and hosts.
  • A beautiful and well-equipped meeting place for viewing all live sessions and participating in group activities with your fellow u.Lab participants on September 15th, October 6th and 27th, and December 15th from 9:30am-noon.
  • The opportunity to directly apply what you learn online to solve both individual or collective issues in your community with other like-minded peers in an environment that is tailor-made for learning and collaboration, and have ongoing access to the local and global Impact Hub member community.

Want to learn more?

1. Join us on September 9th from 3-5 pm at Impact Hub Ottawa for an orientation session where we will take the pre-requisite course (Awareness-Based Systems Change with u.Lab) together. Participants are welcome to stay and connect with our u.Lab peers afterwards from 5-7pm. RSVP HERE.

Ready to Join?

2. If you are ready to join, please still join us for the Orientation Session to meet your u.Lab peers. Go ahead and enroll on edx.org to begin receiving the online materials.
3. If you want to join the Impact Hub Ottawa group, but are unable to attend the Orientation Session, please let Katie know and be sure to take the prerequisite course on your own.
This is a free opportunity for members. Not a member yet? Discover all the benefits and join us today!