When we first announced our move back in July 2016, we knew that we wanted to do more than just move our things and change our address. This expansion is also an opportunity to rethink and reimagine our member experience and what it means to be part of the Impact Hub community. Based on previous Town Halls, member surveys, and kitchen conversations, we saw the need to reframe and articulate our value in a way that highlights the many (and often intangible) benefits of membership, rather than being anchored to one specific feature, which is our coworking space.

Just like the physical design of our new Hub, we wanted to engage our members to co-create what a new model could look like. Last week, at our second Town Hall dedicated to our move, we asked members to put themselves in the shoes of three member personas, and think through the combination of existing and potential benefits that would help each of them do good better:

  • Someone who works full-time for an established organization, whether it’s a local non-profit, international NGO, or small business/startup
  • Someone who alternates between working from home and out of the Hub, or someone with a side project outside of their day job
  • Someone who is not necessarily looking for workspace, but wants to participate in learning programs, networking events, and social activities as part of a social and professional community

There was a general consensus around the following ideas of a new membership model:

  • Streamlining and simplifying the number of options, while providing ways to customize your membership based on your specific needs
  • Identifying new ‘value-added’ member benefits, such as marketing/promotional support, dedicated time with our Community Lead, and more facilitated connections to potential partners and collaborators within the Impact Hub network

We will continue to incorporate members’ feedback and test the new membership model before it’s introduced in time for our move in late April.

Next steps and opportunities to get involved

As always, if you’ve like to chat with us more about membership model changes and/or opportunities to improve the member experience, please reach out to our team or share your thoughts with the community on our Inspiration Board.

Plus, join us tomorrow (Tuesday February 14th) from 3-5pm for a special meeting with Katie and Megan Monafu, our artist-in-residence, to continue the discussion around the physical elements of Impact Hub’s new home. If you are interested in getting more involved and helping with the process of designing, rebuilding, or repurposing our handmade tables, theming different areas of the new space, or designing certain visual elements (such as the glass decals, wall murals), be sure to join us.

Finally, stay tuned for next Town Hall in March to get a sneak peek at the new space… 🙂

James Chan