Late last year, we kicked off our 6th cohort of Impact Academy and welcomed 25 new social entrepreneurs to the Impact Hub Community. For the past 3 months they have been working hard, developing their projects, and taking their ideas to the next level.

In a four-part series, we’ll be sharing with you their innovative projects and inspiring stories of why they chose to create positive impact in our community. Read on to learn more about six of our amazing Impacters!

Ethical Tree

Siavash Ghazvinian, Frank Ferris and Willy Collins 

EthicalTreeThroughout his university life, Frank always wondered why it was so difficult finding where to shop for ethically-made products. Upon graduating, Frank and Siavash decided to be the ones to make it happen and so they created Ottawa’s largest ethical business directory where users can find restaurants and other business that align with their personal values – including supporting Fair Trade, vegan, vegetarian, organic, and woman-owned businesses. EthicalTree also works with local business owners interested in drawing in more customers from the ever growing ethical consumerism markets. Stay tuned on their journey as they add more ethical preferences and cities to the directory! Check them out at or follow them @EthicalTreeFacebook, or Instagram.

Ottawa Rock Camp for Girls

Tiffanie Tri  14993497_1300750653303301_8994042667614233711_n

Recognizing a lack of diversity and inclusion in the music scene, Ottawa Rock Camp for Girls was created in 2007 to foster empowerment, acceptance and community through music programming. Their flagship event is a rock camp where participants learn an instrument, join a band, and showcase their achievements at a concert. They also host monthly jam sessions, where girls have access to studio space to practice music, as well as gig planning workshops, where girls work together to plan a music event. Tiffanie, who serves as vice-chair, says “We create a safe space for girls of all economic means and races so that they can build self-confidence. We are always looking for ways to reduce barriers to access to learning and playing music.” Check them out at or follow them @GirlsRockOttawa.



Ben Thomson

CLUB 3 was founded to help brands, influencers, and the average person to build communities online who support and build more vibrant communities offline – worldwide. CLUB 3 is a unique social network married with crowdfunding that allows everyone to generate new money through their social activities, and participate in philanthropy. As a result, CLUB 3 brings awareness, engagement, and funding to the most impactful charities that matter to our users. Join them at

Bull & Bear

Amanda Mirizzi20170216_234507

After witnessing the powerful effect that basic financial knowledge can have on a family’s wellbeing, Amanda decided that she wanted to help other families and individuals learn to develop healthy financial habits for managing their personal finances. Bull & Bear offers financial literacy workshops that deliver basic personal finance skills to those in need. Their mission is to provide all Canadians with the skills to successfully manage their money and make smart financial decisions.



Ottawa Rail Bridgelogo

Aileen Duncan

The Prince of Wales Bridge connects Ottawa & Gatineau and contributes to place-making in the National Capital Region. Following an announcement that the landmark would be closed to residents, Ottawa Rail Bridge (ORB) was launched to advocate for safe and public access to the bridge. Their vision is to create a community space that celebrates recreational use in the short-term, and becomes a sustainable transportation link in the medium-term. Learn more or get involved at


Scottie Irving14581547_1311290398881370_1444357072427199343_n

Having worked for several years as an independent musician in Ottawa, Scottie was struck by the stark contrast between music’s tremendous potential as a social good on the one hand, and the myriad factors that threaten the sustainability of the artists who create it on the other. These factors include a labyrinthine and rapidly changing industry, precariousness at all stages of business development, and widespread artist burnout. His mission is to help Eastern Ontario musicians refocus their inherent creativity to create sustainable careers for themselves.


Stay tuned to learn about more of the social entrepreneurs making up the 2016-2017 Impact Academy cohort!

Katie Miller