Shery Alexander Heinis is an emerging poet and one of the earliest Impact Hub Ottawa members. Born and raised on the island of St.shery alexander heinis_dreamlovegrow photography LO RES-7193 Lucia in the Caribbean she has travelled the world and worked in a number of areas including diplomacy, foreign affairs, global development, trade, tourism and small business in both the public and private sectors.

As a young girl, reading and writing were her greatest passions.  She took up writing again a few years ago to help her navigate some challenging times. Writing has since become a refuge, an avenue to express her creativity and imagination, and to articulate her life experiences and observations. She wrote her first book A Greater Whole in 2014, following which she decided to take the plunge and work at writing her first volume of poetry, released in November 2017. Her poetry is eclectic and has been described as poetic storytelling – imbued with imagery, colourful, soulful and powerful.

I joined Impact Hub Ottawa because I have a passion for community, social enterprise and international development. It’s a wonderful opportunity to meet smart, ‘woke’ and interesting people doing unique things with their lives, talents and skills. I’m looking to delve deeper into how to marry my love for all things poetic and writing into a social enterprise, and increase the profile of the arts at the Hub“.



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