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Government Relations 101

Government Relations, whether at the municipal, provincial or federal level, is an essential aspect of running a succesful enterprise.


Using Podcasting to Advance Your Social Mission

Podcasting is on the rise and people are tuning in. Learn how your audience can better hear from you!


Feminist Visions of the Future of Women’s Work

A Systemic Exploration Of The Past, Present And Future Of Women At Work In Canada


Sober Second Thought: Takeaways from a Snap Pandemic Election

The 2021 Canadian Federal Election was like no other, but do the unique circumstances explain the final result?


What if the Soil Was Your Teacher? Rethinking Burnout, and Generosity

Over-committed? Or want to support others to avoid burnout?


Climate Action: Time for Canada to Step Up

Canada's next government will shape Canada's response to the climate crisis for the foreseeable future.


What’s in a Name? (Phonetics for Good.)

How can we make racialized coworkers feel more welcome? Can speech science help? You bet!

Mary Sarra