Experts in Residence

March 2020 Update: Working from home? We've got you covered! Our Experts in Residence will be available to support Impact Hub Ottawa members remotely in the coming weeks: some during their regularly-scheduled hours, others on an as-requested basis. Check below for availability.

To set up a remote appointment, contact the Expert by email (consult the Community Events Calendar to find out how) or message them directly on the Community App. Questions? Reach out to

Impact Hub Ottawa members have free access to one-on-one support with experts in all fields, from marketing and communications to business planning and accounting. While our doors are closed to prevent the spread of COVID-19, our experts can be accessed remotely. Members, check the Admin Portal to set up an appointment!

*NEW* Introducing: Expert in Residence AMA (Ask Me Anything).

What’s an AMA? Your opportunity to connect with Impact Hub Ottawa’s Experts in Residence! Part info-session, part Q&A, drop in to an AMA if you’d like to share & receive feedback from our Experts on your ideas, musings and burning questions about the topic at hand. Go ahead - ask them anything! Check our Eventbrite for upcoming AMAs.

Strategy & Planning

Managing your Business During Uncertainty

Are you uncertain of what your business looks like post-lockdown, during business resumption, or even post-COVID? Do you nee…

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Designing for Inclusion

Are you looking to do what you do better and adapt to a world that values digital expertise and inclusive thinking? Sharon is…

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Management, Marketing & Communications Strategy

In these unprecedented times, businesses need to adjust to shifting global realities while staying true to their mission. Dr…

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Impact Strategy, Monitoring and Evaluation

What is the impact of our work and how can we demonstrate it to our stakeholders? How can we make sure that our work has fina…

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Toolkits for creativity and innovation

If you are experiencing creative blocks and need help seeing a project from a fresh perspective, or you are building a produc…

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Non Profit Sounding Board

Sometimes, there is nothing that a non-profit leader needs more than the ear and advice of an experienced consultant who has …

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Social Enterprise Coaching

Jonathan Wade is the President of Social Delta, a social enterprise consulting company with over a decade of experience work…

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Finance & Legal

Legal Ease for Better Business

All business activities have a legal aspect to them, even when we are not aware of it. This is why entrepreneurs end up doin…

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An Unscary Accounting & Tax Chat

Accounting and tax can seem daunting, but doesn’t need to be scary. Harrison here to answer any of your questions about per…

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Business, Non-profit & Personal Finance

Looking to expand or start your business, but don’t have the capital to do so? Have questions about understanding your own …

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Telling Your Story

Storytelling 101

Everyone has a story worth telling. Whether you are a business, a social enterprise, or a non-profit, you have something spec…

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Presentations with Presence

Come and find out how to make your presentations shine. Whether you’re nervous about an interview preparing a speech for a…

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Online marketing

Need advice, ideas, or inspiration for your online marketing? Come chat with Stephanie! She's not only friendly and loves hel…

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Getting Online

Levelling Up with E-Commerce

Are you a Shopify merchant looking to take your business to the next level? Or perhaps you're an entrepreneur or maker lookin…

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WordPress Happiness Bar

WordPress getting you down? Get your WordPress questions answered one-on-one by one of the best experts around - Hubber Frede…

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