Coaching and Expertise

March 2020 Update: Working from home? We've got you covered! Our coaches and experts will be available to support Impact Hub Ottawa members remotely in the coming weeks: some during their regularly-scheduled hours, others on an as-requested basis (see below for availability). To set up a remote appointment, contact the Expert by email (consult the Community Events Calendar to find out how) or message them directly on the Community App. Questions? Reach out to

Social Enterprise Coaching

Impact Hub Members can now access social enterprise support on a deeper level, tapping into the knowledge and expertise of our very own Social Enterprise Coach, Jonathan Wade. Jonathan can help you conceive, design, research, strategize, finance, launch, measure, and expand your social enterprise. With more than 25 years of experience working with non-profits, co-operatives and solo-preneurs in social enterprise, social finance, social marketing and social justice, Jonathan is eager to connect with members at all stages of organizational development.

Jonathan Wade is the President of Social Delta, a social enterprise consulting company with over a  decade of experience working with social entrepreneurs. He was a co-founder of the Centre for  Social Enterprise Development (CSED) in Ottawa and sat for 5 years on the Board of the Social  Enterprise Council of Canada. To book your meeting with Jonathan, visit his Calendly and select the HUB Ottawa option.

Experts in Residence

Impact Hub Ottawa members have free access to regular, in-house one-on-one support opportunities with expert coaches. No need to book in advance, just show-up and get your free consultation! Please do check the weekly events calendar as changes to the schedule may occur from week to week.

Online marketing - Mondays, 12-1pm

Featuring: Stephanie Mitchell
*Available remotely during regularly scheduled hours*
Need advice, ideas, or inspiration for your online marketing? Come chat with Stephanie! She's not only friendly and loves helping people promote their businesses and projects... she's a marketing expert! Whether it's advertising, social media, email, websites, blogging, software/technology, etc etc... She wants to help.
Stephanie has extensive experience with startup and small business marketing. Sunnystorm Marketing is her marketing agency where she helps salons and spas to grow their client base and brand themselves online. She does this through training,education and through done-for-you marketing services.

WordPress Happiness Bar - Available on request

Featuring: Frederic Sune
*Available remotely during regularly scheduled hours*
WordPress getting you down? Get your WordPress questions answered one-on-one by one of the best experts around - Hubber Frederic Sune, founder of WP Expert, is here for you.
Tricky configuration or plugin driving you crazy? Thinking of using WordPress for your social enterprise, small business, or personal website but wondering if it’s a good fit? Whatever the question, our friendly WordPress Expert will make sure you leave with solutions.

Presentations with Presence - Wednesdays, 1-2pm

Featuring: Mary Houle
*Available remotely during regularly scheduled hours*
Come and find out how to make your presentations shine.  Whether you’re nervous about an interview preparing a speech for a hundred eager listeners, run it by Mary for some feedback.  Mary Houle is a Registered Speech Pathologist who brings together speech science and the art of expression to give her professional clients skills to make sure their message is heard.  Pop by and see what is going to add to your message.  Maybe it’s attention to tone, rate, pausing, breath support, intonation, or the structure of your content.  What is your message, and how can you ensure it’s received? Ask Mary!


Non Profit Sounding Board - Fridays, 11-12pm

Featuring: Monica Chohan
*Available remotely by appointment*
Sometimes, there is nothing that a non-profit leader needs more than the ear and advice of an experienced consultant who has also been on the “inside”! Whether you are a non-profit Executive Director, Board Director or staff member, an outside opinion on what keeps you up at night could be the first step to positive change for your organization. Monica is an experienced Executive Director and non-profit consultant, with expertise in strategic planning, fundraising, governance and risk management. Whatever challenge you face in these areas, a chat with Monica will help point you in the right direction.

Business, Non-profit & Personal Finance - Wednesdays, 12-1pm

Featuring: Nalisha Jagroop
*Available remotely by appointment*
Looking to expand or start your business, but don’t have the capital to do so? Have questions about understanding your own personal finances? Want to ensure you understand your lending choices before making a decision? Maybe you need some feed back on where to start when it comes to writing your business plan. Whatever the reason, feel free reach out to Nalisha for all your business, non-profit, and personal finance questions.
Nalisha Jagroop has built her career at Alterna savings, with more than 8 years in the financial  industry with extensive experience in retail and community banking. Nalisha has a love for entrepreneurship and most recently, provides support to entrepreneurs who are looking to start or expand their business. She is a subject matter expert on banking the nonprofit, and charitable sector.

Storytelling 101 - 1st and 3rd Wednesday*, 5-6pm

Featuring: Marley Lewington
*Available remotely by appointment*
Everyone has a story worth telling. Whether you are a business, a social enterprise, or a non-profit, you have something special to offer your community, clients, and customers. In today’s ever changing world, Marley understands the value of being able to tell your story through writing and design. She can help you create and improve your content and provide advice on art and story direction. Schedule a meeting or pop by with your materials and Marley can: Answer your communications and design questions; Review your communications and design projects; Edit writing samples and graphics; and, Provide advice to solve communications and design problems. Marley is the founder of Strategic Kindness, a creative studio that specializes in communications and branding for socially-conscious businesses, non-profits, and social enterprises. She is an entrepreneur, brand strategist, writer, and designer, who has done work for clients including CAA and The John Howard Society of Canada. Balancing her work in the government and her passion for helping others, Marley hosts the podcast Start Small Think Big and works with local clients helping them do more of the good work they do best.
*Starting April 1st, 2020

Levelling Up with E-Commerce - 2nd & 4th Thursday, 2-3pm

  Featuring: Krysta Roney
*Available remotely during regularly scheduled hours*

Are you a Shopify merchant looking to take your business to the next level? Or perhaps you're an entrepreneur or maker looking to take your business online? Get your ecommerce questions answered by one of our very own Shopify Gurus!

Krysta Roney has been with Shopify for two years and is part of a new team being built to develop a community of active merchants making more money on Shopify! Whether you are just launching your business, you’re already established, or anything in between, Krysta can help you by offering feedback, discussing your goals and helping you create strategies to reach them, and suggesting ways to optimize your business. She also hosts workshops, seminars and events at the Shopify office. Keep in touch with her at

An Unscary Accounting & Tax Chat - 2nd & 4th Tuesday, 11-12pm

Featuring: Harrison White
*Available remotely during regularly scheduled hours*
Accounting and tax can seem daunting, but doesn’t need to be scary. Harrison here to answer any of your questions about personal or corporate tax, bookkeeping, HST, registering a business, CRA issues or anything else you can think of. Bonus points for asking a question he hasn’t heard yet! Harrison is the founder and Chief Accountant of Virtual Accountant. Offering Canadian accounting and tax services to clients wherever they are in the world. He has 7 years experience working directly with clients in public accounting. He is experienced with companies in a wide range of industries including startups, real estate, not-for-profit and online services (among others). He is constantly looking to better understand what burning accounting questions people and businesses have so that he can in turn offer the most needed services through his own practice.

Eve Blouin

Toolkits for creativity and innovation - Tuesdays, 2-3pm

Featuring: Eve Blouin
*Available remotely during regularly scheduled hours*
If you are experiencing creative blocks and need help seeing a project from a fresh perspective, or you are building a product or service but aren’t sure who your audience is, Eve can offer you the tools to ‘hack’ into each stage of the creative process in order to help you identify goals, build knowledge and expertise, generate meaningful and creative ideas, implement these ideas in order to innovate.
Eve Blouin is a PhD candidate in Psychology (finishing this year). She is an expert on creativity and imagination, and has conducted research on these topics for the past 6 years. She teaches an undergraduate course at Carleton University on creativity, play, and innovation in the workplace, she is co-owner of a music and art collective collaborating with institutions like the National Arts Centre.

Business Law with Mark and Martin - Fridays, 1-2pm

Featuring: Mark Asfar and Martin Barlow
*Available remotely during regularly scheduled hours*
Law isn’t rocket science, but sometimes a 5 minute chat with a lawyer can save you months of headache down the road. If you’re thinking about incorporating a company, signing a shareholders’ agreement or partnership agreement, launching a fundraising round, licencing your IP, have a big deal in the works and need some insight on how to paper it, or have a strange or esoteric business law question that google just can’t answer then we might be able to help. Come by for a free chat with Mark and Martin.
Mark and Martin are business lawyers who help entrepreneurs with their day to day legal needs. They work with Momentum Business Law, an Ottawa law firm with a focus on efficiency and leveraging emerging technologies in the field of law.

Anything & Everything About Impact Strategy, Monitoring and Evaluation - 1st & 3rd Friday, 2-3pm

Featuring: Ashraful Hasan
*Available remotely by appointment*
What is the impact of our work and how can we demonstrate it to our stakeholders? How can we make sure that our work has financial sustainability while still having measurable impact? What role does social justice play in impact evaluation? Ashraful Hasan will answer all questions related to impact strategy, monitoring, and evaluation.Ashraful is the founder and CEO of Impactrio, an innovation and evaluation consulting firm. He has dedicated over seven years to leading and supporting impact evaluation and change initiatives to numerous domestic and international organizations like Ryerson University, the Centre for Social Innovation (CSI), Futurpreneur Canada, the School for Social Entrepreneurs - Ontario (SSE-O), the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB), and many others.

Everything IT

Featuring: Autumn Corvus *Available remotely by appointment* Are you struggling to get your staff set up to productively work and collaborate remotely? Have questions about specific tools, or wondering where to even begin to get your team set up with the best IT you can get on a shoestring budget? Autumn has been helping nonprofits, community and advocacy groups answer these exact kinds of questions for a decade. Whether you’ve got questions about websites, Office 365, the best CRMs, VPNs and securing your networks or disaster preparedness best practices, Autumn can give you answers tailored to the needs of non-profit and social impact organizations large and small. * Contact us to setup an appointment with Autumn