Experts in Residence

Impact Hub members have access to weekly, recurring in-house one-on-one support opportunities with expert coaches. We're here help you do good better.

Fundraise with purpose - Mondays 1-2pm

Bring your fundraising questions big and small to Mena. A fundraising professional with more than 18 years of experience, Mena has worked for a broad range of organisations and delivered training internationally on fundraising strategy, individual giving, capital campaigns, grant-writing and donor stewardship. Find her online at

Banking advice for small business - Tuesdays 1-3pm

Alexander Robertson is a small business, social enterprise, and nonprofit Banking Specialist at RBC, and is here to help Hubbers with their banking questions, from providing tips to help protect your organizations against fraud, streamlining your banking relationship, and other banking related advice. Want to connect with Alexander before you come? Or can’t make the office hours? You can get in touch with him at
Mary Houle pic

Presentations with presence - Wednesdays 11am-12pm

Come and find out how to make your presentations shine.  Whether you’re nervous about an interview preparing a speech for a hundred eager listeners, run it by Mary for some feedback.  Mary Houle is a Registered Speech Pathologist who brings together speech science and the art of expression to give her professional clients skills to make sure their message is heard.  Pop by and see what is going to add to your message.  Maybe it’s attention to tone, rate, pausing, breath support, intonation, or the structure of your content.  What is your message, and how can you ensure it’s received? Ask Mary!

WordPress Happiness Bar - Wednesdays 12-1pm

WordPress getting you down? Get your WordPress questions answered one-on-one by one of the best experts around - Hubber Frederic Sune, founder of WP Expert, is here for you. Tricky configuration or plugin driving you crazy? Thinking of using WordPress for your social enterprise, small business, or personal website but wondering if it’s a good fit? Whatever the question, our friendly WordPress Expert will make sure you leave with solutions.

Creative Fixer - Thursdays 2-3pm

Drop in for creative advice with Toni van Eeden, our Resident Expert for all things branding, marketing and content related! Toni is the solo-operator of Good Attitude where she works as a Creative Fixer.  Not the Olivia Pope ‘let me help you get rid of that dead body’ type of fixer. She is the ‘something is not being properly communicated in my company’ type of fixer. She helps identify and fix specific creative problems for entrepreneurs, organizations, and larger companies alike. Not sure what questions you can ask her? See the 5 top questions Toni gets asked here.