Cross-Border Conversations on the SDGs is a series of virtual dialogues that showcase strategies and stories from the frontlines of SDG action - in Canada and the United States.

Climate change and racial injustice are intersecting crises. To make rapid progress on either issue, we must address them together.

The United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) offer a framework to tackle complex and intersecting social, economic, and environmental challenges. But Indigenous, racialized, and other marginalized communities have long held the knowledge and practices necessary to overcome them.

How can individuals and organizations put Indigenous knowledge and anti-racism at the heart of their work, without engaging in appropriation and exploitation? How can the SDGs help us address social and environmental justice, and where might they fall short?

Cross-Border Conversations on the SDGs is a series of virtual conversations exploring strategies and stories with leaders driving SDG action in Canada and the United States.

At two virtual events in March, 2021 we took a look at how anti-racism and Indigenous ways of knowing can propel our efforts to reach the SDGs, while de-centring white supremacy in the process.

March 4 - (Re)Centring Anti-Racism and Indigenous Knowledge in Climate Action

In dialogue with climate advocates and educators, we explore the past, present and future of environmental racism, and how anti-racist and Indigenous-led approaches to climate action can help us challenge its legacy today for a more just tomorrow.


March 18 - (Re)Centring Anti-Racism and Indigenous Knowledge at Work

Is white supremacy being whitewashed? What does it mean to Indigenize our practices and spaces? At this event, we explore the role that each of us can play in solidarity-building for racial justice at work.


A note for participants and viewers

In these conversations, our goal is to create a brave space for honest dialogue among participants and panelists about what it means to (Re)Centre Anti-Racism in our work and how we tackle the SDGs . We can’t address the full complexity of these issues in 90 minutes — our hope is to bring together a range of perspectives so we can learn what's worked, what hasn't, and continue to chart a way forward together. Participants are invited to join or view with their ideas, stories, and an openness to being challenged and learn.

More on the series

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) address serious global challenges, which won’t be solved without major changes to the way we live, work, and interact with our environment. Cross-Border Conversations on the SDGs is a virtual event series highlighting strategies and stories from the frontlines of SDG action.

Hosted by Impact Hub Ottawa with the support of the US Embassy in Canada, the series showcases social justice and sustainability leaders from Canada and the US, sharing their stories on how to work strategically towards the Goals.

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