Harrison White: An Unscary Accounting & Tax Chat

Expert in Residence: An Unscary Accounting & Tax Chat (members only)

Untitled design-10Featuring: Harrison White Accounting and tax can seem daunting, but doesn’t need to be scary. Harrison is here to answer any of your questions about personal or corporate tax, bookkeeping, HST, registering a business, CRA issues or anything else you can think of. Bonus points for asking a question he hasn’t heard yet!

Harrison White is the founder and Chief Accountant of Virtual Accountant. Offering Canadian accounting and tax services to clients wherever they are in the world. He has 7 years experience working directly with clients in public accounting. He is experienced with companies in a wide range of industries including startups, real estate, not-for-profit, professionals and online services (among others). He is constantly looking to better understand what burning accounting questions people and businesses have so that he can in turn offer the most needed services through his own practice.

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July 2 | 11:00 am to 12:00 pm


Impact Hub Ottawa


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Updated on 07 August 2019