Mary Houle: Presentations with Presence

Expert in Residence: Presentations with Presence (members only)


The Expert in Residence series is available ONLY to members of Impact Hub Ottawa. These are not workshops or presentations but one-on-one support opportunities with expert coaches. No need to book in advance, just show-up and get your free consultation!


6Featuring: Mary Houle

Come and find out how to make your presentations shine.  Whether you’re nervous about an interview preparing a speech for a hundred eager listeners, run it by Mary for some feedback.  Mary Houle is a Registered Speech Pathologist who brings together speech science and the art of expression to give her professional clients skills to make sure their message is heard.  Pop by and see what is going to add to your message.  Maybe it’s attention to tone, rate, pausing, breath support, intonation, or the structure of your content.  What is your message, and how can you ensure it’s received? Ask Mary!

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Impact Hub Ottawa


Date & Time

January 23 | 11:00 am to 12:00 pm


Impact Hub Ottawa


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Cost for Members: Free

Updated on 17 September 2018