On February 23-24, Artengine and Impact Hub Ottawa hosted the Future Cities Forum to discuss and explore what’s in store for ‘smart cities’ that that are increasingly powered, influenced, or controlled by technology, data, and decision-making algorithms. We anticipate this issue will remain top of mind for the foreseeable future, given that municipalities across Canada are currently preparing their proposals for the federal government’s Smart Cities Challenge. Run by Infrastructure Canada, the prize for a city the size of Ottawa, Montréal, or Toronto is $50M, and all three cities are in varying stages of their public consultation and engagement processes. We’ve compiled below a list of upcoming opportunities for participants of the Future Cities Forum, and engaged citizens everywhere, to have their voices heard and be a part of shaping the dialogue around the future cities we are striving to build.


The City of Ottawa is conducting a study called Ottawa Next: Beyond 2036 to develop a series of scenarios that would describe Ottawa in the future based on current trends, potential disruptors and issues that will influence the growth of cities into the future. The scenarios will be used to help develop Ottawa’s next Official Plan.

Youth leaders, students, and young professionals are invited to a special focus group session on March 21st, 2018 from 9:00am to 12:00pm to seek your thoughts and views on what we need to think about and address as Ottawa continues to grow into the 21st century and how Ottawa might look in the future within the following broad themes:

  • economic development and influences of technology,
  • our environment and issues around climate change,
  • mobility and the advent of new connected and autonomous mobility technologies,
  • socio and cultural issues (public health, digital divide, social inclusion)
  • quality of life and issues around liveability
  • urban form and spatial organization of the city – urban, suburban and rural areas

If you are interested in participating, please complete this short two-question survey. The deadline for expressions of interest is March 7, 2018. If you are unable to attend the session or meet the commitments outlined above, please engage with us online or contact Natalie Pulcine at natalie.pulcine@ottawa.ca for an invitation to our online discussion platform Café X.




  • The federal government is also looking to young people to help inform its Youth Policy

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