Members of Impact Hub Ottawa are often featured in a variety of media outlets, publications, and other platforms. As a community, we are proud of their successes and continue to support each other in our ongoing efforts to do good better!

We are also proud to partner with Apt613, the award winning blog dedicated to uncovering the best of Ottawa’s arts and culture. Contributor Andrew Monro acts as the Impact Hub Ottawa Correspondent and writes about the amazing work of his fellow Hubbers for Apt613.

Girls+ Rock OttawaNot just for girls anymore — Ottawa’s school of rock goes all grown up (Ottawa Citizen – June 18th, 2017)

Impact Hub Ottawa: Impact Hub Ottawa opens its new doors to the future of work and social change (Apt613 – June 16th, 2017)

Allison BurnsFringe Review: Do You Want To Live Forever? (Apt613 – June 9th, 2017)

Aileen DuncanPrince of Wales Bridge: Is a safe and open public pathway possible? (Apt613 – June 6th, 2017)

Siavash Ghazvinian and Frank Ferris: EthicalTree: Ottawa’s ethical business directory sets example for engaging consumer preference (Apt613 – May 23rd, 2017)

Eric ChanCapital Voices: ‘Who walks through the door but Leo DiCaprio?’ (Ottawa Citizen – May 6th, 2017)

Katie Miller and Eric Chan (Impact Hub Ottawa)Look inside: Impact Hub Ottawa triples space with new Slater Street location (Ottawa Business Journal – May 3rd, 2017)

Hacking Health OttawaSoftware jocks, health professionals join forces to improve health care (Ottawa Citizen – April 30th, 2017)

Josée Cyr (Feline Café)Ottawa’s first cat cafe set to open its doors in Hintonburg (Metro Ottawa – April 30th, 2017)

JP Davidson (Pop Up Podcasting)New Pop Up Podcasting studio gives digital radio a home in Ottawa (Metro – April 19th, 2017)

Impact Hub OttawaOttawa’s pHacktory launches as ‘risk-as-a-service’ platform (Ottawa Business Journal – April 14th, 2017)

Ottawa Tool LibraryOttawa’s first Repair Café a success, organizers planning more (Metro – April 9th, 2017)

Bettina Vollmerhausen (Ottawa Tool Library)Get a quick fix at the Ottawa Tool Library’s debut Repair Café (CBC – April 7th, 2017)

Travis Iverson: IverFashion: Accessible fashion has never felt this good (Apt613 – April 3rd, 2017)

Ottawa Tool LibraryOttawa Repair Cafe wants to fix the things you might throw out (Metro – March 27th, 2017)

Valérie Leloup (NU Grocery)Foodie Friday: Nu Grocery prepares to transform the way Ottawa buys groceries (Apt613 – March 24th, 2017)

Eric Chan2017 budget offers five key developments for Canadian entrepreneurs (Financial Post – March 23rd, 2017)

Valérie Leloup (NU Grocery)Down to zero: How this Ottawa entrepreneur plans to change the way you buy food (CBC – March 19th, 2017)

Valérie Leloup (NU Grocery)Ottawa woman aiming to open zero-waste grocery store (Metro – March 15th, 2017)

Tiffanie Tri (Ottawa Rock Camp for Girls): Ottawa Rock Camp for Girls approaches 10th anniversary in 2017 (Apt613 – March 8th, 2017)

Tiffanie Tri (Ottawa Rock Camp for Girls): ‘Be bold for change’ — Ways to celebrate International Women’s Day & beyond (Ottawa Magazine – March 8th, 2017)

Valérie Leloup (NU Grocery): A trailblazing entrepreneur is opening an awesome, zero-waste grocery store in Ottawa (National Observer – March 8th, 2017)

Kat Kavanagh, Ollie Kavanagh, and Mark Dabrowski (Water Rangers)Get Your Feet Wet! Water Rangers Offers New Tools for Citizen Scientists (Ottawa Magazine – March 6th, 2017)

Valérie Leloup (NU Grocery)Ottawa’s 2017 Bootstrap Awards winners lace up for gala (Techopia – February 21st, 2017)

Angela Keller-HerzogCity urged to work faster on climate change strategy (Metro – February 21st, 2017)

Ajmal Sataar & Karine Smith (Inspire Nunavut)Inspire Nunavut: An Ottawa startup is supporting entrepreneurship in the High Arctic (Apt613 – February 15th, 2017)

Megan Piercey Monafu (CS Art Ottawa)Endless art: M by Mark B. Stephenson (Apt613 – February 13th, 2017)

Josée Cyr (Feline Café)Cat out of the bag on new Hintonburg café (Metro Ottawa – February 6th, 2017)

Stephane Pressault: An anatomy of hate (UC Observer – February 2017)

Josée Cyr (Feline Café)Ottawa’s first daily cat café picks its location (Ottawa Citizen – January 31st, 2017)

Kat Kavanagh & Mark Dabrowski (Water Rangers)Water Rangers helps people take action to protect our local water (Apt613 – January 26th, 2017)

Katie Miller (Impact Hub Ottawa)Partager son espace de travail: une tendance à la hausse (le Droit – 24 janvier 2017)

Sarah Hedges-Chou (Youth Coalition for Sexual and Reproductive Rights) & Carissa WongConcerned Canadians eyeing Trump’s swearing-in with apprehension (CBC – January 20th, 2017)

Kelly CaldwellTrump presidency: “It’s going to get worse before it gets better” (National Observer – January 20th, 2017)

House of PaintBlack History Month Ottawa Offers Something for Everyone (Ottawa Magazine – January 18th, 2017)

Ajmal Sataar (Inspire Nunavut): Pond Inlet youth entrepreneur founds thrift shop business (CBC – January 9th, 2017)

Katie Miller (Impact Hub Ottawa)Workplace themes to embrace in 2017 (Globe and Mail – December 30th, 2016)

Josée Cyr (Feline Café)Success! Feline Café Ottawa surpasses fundraising goal, set to open in spring (Ottawa Magazine – December 9th, 2016)

Impact Hub OttawaOttawa social enterprise incubator Impact Hub readies expansion (Ottawa Business Journal – December 6th, 2016)

Vegan Cuts9 delicious subscription box gifts for foodies and cooks (CNET – December 1st, 2016)

Mariam Zohouri (Mealshare Ottawa)Mealshare program to expand in Ottawa (Metro – November 28th, 2016)

Kevin Smiley (SuraiTea): SuraiTea wins Ottawa Social Impact Award (Apt613 – November 18th, 2016)

Nathalie Maione (Helping With Furniture)Helping with Furniture wins Ottawa Social Impact Award (Apt613 – November 18th, 2016)

Ottawa Tool LibraryInnovators and community-builders to be recognized at the first Ottawa Social Impact Awards (Apt613 – November 14th, 2016)

Toni van Eeden (RedBrick Rooster), Tanya Woods (Kind Village), Christina Devine (House of Paint), Megan Piercey Monafu (CS Art Ottawa): Artpreneur conference teaches artists to hustle (Apt613 – November 12th, 2016)

Josée Cyr (Feline Café)Ottawa’s first daily cat café set to open this spring (Ottawa Citizen – November 11th, 2016)

National ObserverCanada is becoming a global leader in the digital space and a new crop of digital players were recognized at the 2016 Canadian Online Publishing Awards (CNW – November 9th, 2016)

Ajmal Sataar and Karine Smith (Inspire Nunavut)An Ottawa millennial is changing lives and inspiring new businesses for Nunavut’s youth (National Observer – October 31st, 2016)

Tanya Woods (Kind Village)One Young City conference promotes social enterprise in Ottawa (Ottawa Business Journal – September 30th, 2016)

Don Grant (Ottawa Centre EcoDistrict)The first step to safe streets is really wanting them (Ottawa Citizen – September 1st, 2016)

Patrick McCormack (House of Paint)Hip hop belongs ‘right in the middle’ of Ottawa’s anti-gang work, say artists (CBC – August 29th, 2016)

Patrick McCormack (House of Paint)House of PainT gives Ottawa a dose of hip hop culture (Ottawa Citizen – August 27th, 2016)

Patrick McCormack (House of Paint)Hip hop zumba and poetry slams: House of PainT launches two weeks earlier this year (Metro – August 24th, 2016)

Megan Piercey Monafu (CS Art Ottawa)CSArt Ottawa offers a season’s subscription to local art (Metro – August 23rd, 2016)

Megan Piercey Monafu (CS Art Ottawa)Buy in to grow art, with Community Supported Art (Apt613 – July 5th, 2016)

Kat Kavanagh (Water Rangers)Made-in-Ottawa app helps volunteers keep watch over river (CBC – June 14th, 2016)

James Chan (Impact Hub Ottawa)Hub & Spoke event builds momentum toward 2017 celebrations (Ottawa Business Journal – May 9th, 2016)

CS Art OttawaFive shows, and perks, you can get during CSArt’s 2016-17 season (Metro – March 21st, 2016)

Cara McEachern (Salon Vert)Compassion without style sacrifice – Ottawa’s first cruelty-free hair salon (Ottawa Magazine – February 26th, 2016)

Bettina Vollmerhausen (Ottawa Tool Library)How to saw off the high costs of owning tools (Globe and Mail – February 9th, 2016)

Impact Hub Ottawa, Frederic Sune & Bettina Vollmerhausen (Ottawa Tool Library): Impact Hubs Provide The Tools For Social Change (Huffington Post – February 4th, 2016)

Bettina Vollmerhausen (Ottawa Tool Library)Local manufacturer, tool library pair up in benchmark collaboration (Ottawa Business Journal – January 29th, 2016)

Impact Hub OttawaHUB Ottawa Celebrates Three Years of Community Impact – the successes and the failures (Ottawa Magazine – November 30th, 2015)