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Impact Hub Ottawa is a community of creative and entrepreneurial changemakers who are shaping a better future for our city and our world through social innovation and cross-sector collaboration.

Powered by a shared coworking and learning environment, we are part of a global network of over 15,000 purpose-driven individuals and organizations in more than 85 Impact Hubs around the world.

Our Story

Hub Ottawa Working Impact Hub Ottawa is the national capital region’s collaboration and innovation ecosystem for people and organizations working to do good better. Since 2012, the Hub has been a community and catalyst for social change across Ottawa, building community, facilitating learning, connections and exchange, and advancing civic and social innovation.

Our Community

Members Wall We are home to over 350 social innovators, including tech startups and small businesses, entrepreneurs and freelancers, public servants and artists, designers and developers, and nonprofits and NGOs. This diversity of multi-generational and cross-sector perspectives, insights, and experiences creates a rich environment for ideas and opportunities to spark and collide.

Upcoming Events

  1. Lighthouse Labs – Intro to Web Development

    Learn the basics of coding for both the front and…

  2. Get More Traction for Your Product Using “Jobs-To-Be-Done”

    Get More Traction for Your Product Using “Jobs-To-Be-Done”
    Featuring Hubber …

  3. Facebook Blueprint x Canada 150

    Learn how to leverage Facebook and Instagram to engage audiences…

Stories From Our Community

Podcasting Perks for Hubbers!

JP Davidson has been producing podcasts and radio stories for over seven years. From interviews to sound-rich documentaries, he’s helped clients like Greenpeace, CBC Radio, The Globe & Mail, and RBC tell stories and engage listeners. He is also Camp…

It’s Official- Welcome to 123 Slater

Five years ago, in November 2012, Impact Hub Ottawa opened at 71 Bank Street. Our community has grown to include over 350+ members and seen social enterprise go from an unknown term to something people are talking about and a…

#dogoodbetter with Impact Hub Ottawa & Lighthouse Labs!

Thanks to our partnership with Lighthouse Labs, we are giving away a free spot in their Intro to Web Development course to help creative and entrepreneurial changemakers make an even bigger impact. The part-time, six-week course starts on May 8th …

Impact Academy 2016-2017: Meet the Impacters Part 2

Late last year, we kicked off our 6th cohort of Impact Academy and welcomed 25 new social entrepreneurs to the Impact Hub Community. In the second of a four-part series, we are sharing with you their innovative projects and inspiring…