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No matter where you are in your career, there’s nothing more valuable than 1:1 coaching from industry leaders who have been in your shoes.

Bringing invaluable expertise across marketing, web design, business planning and more, our coaches are excited to help you build the skills you need to make your bold vision a reality.


With support from our partner, TD, we’re committed to elevating Ottawa’s changemakers!

How It Works

Coaching for Impact gives members access to top-tier coaching opportunities with Ottawa’s social impact leaders, as well as dedicated peer mentorship circles, live Q&As, and more — both online and in-person. 

Whether you’re an established entrepreneur or budding changemaker, our coaches are a touchpoint in your journey. They’ve got your back, wherever you are.

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“Having the ability to go, ‘I've got this problem’, and being able to book somebody and have a chat — that is invaluable. I love the fact that a lot of the coaches are also willing to follow up to see how you've done.”

—  Helen Brady, Co-Founder of Square Lemon

Helen Brady

Our Coaches

Personal & Business Banking

Shamayel Ghani & Jason Sarault, TD Branch Managers, TD

Knows a lot about: Retail Banking; Investments; Credit and Leadership Coaching; Personal Banking; Business Banking; Performance Coaching

Can help you with: Financial portfolio review; Develop unique solutions with you for your financial circumstances; Helping you identify gaps and/or needs that you may have in your finances

Accounting & Finance

Zahra Qureshi, CPA, CMA, and Founder of Optinum and Social Venture Circuit

Knows a lot about: Accounting; finance; budgeting; social impact management; KPIs; grants and funding.

Can help you with: Tax work; refining your accounting & finance practices to support your growth; reducing the administrative burden & reporting obligations of accounting; fractional CFO support to scaleup and get investment ready; social impact strategy mapping & KPIs.

Remote Work, People & Culture

Gabriela De Luca, Talent Acquisition and Remote Work

Knows a lot about: Remote Work Practices & Tools; Organizational Culture, Talent Acquisition; Talent Attraction; Candidate Experience

Can help you with: Best practices for remote work; Async and sync communication with your team and collaborators; Optimizing processes & tools for distributed teams; Talent acquisition strategies & candidate experience.

Designing for Inclusion

Sharon Nyangweso, CEO & Founder, Quake Lab

Knows a lot about: Design thinking for inclusion; Equity in action; Community consultations; Equity, Diversity and Inclusion/feminist lens; Digital communications

Can help you with: Equity assessments & action plans; Clarifying equity objectives; Journey mapping; Building a business embedded with equity.

Convening & Facilitating Meaningful Gatherings

Jane Porter, Facilitator & Founder, Bridge Building Group Inc

Knows a lot about: Facilitating meaningful conversations & engaging gatherings; experimenting with new ways to bring people together to solve complex problems.

Can help you with: Designing impactful gatherings, meetings & conferences; Making the most of your time with others; Strategies for building stronger connections

Speech & Presentations

Mary Houle, Registered speech pathologist, Founder, ​​Pronounced

Knows a lot about: Presentation delivery, storytelling, communication and Accent confidence, speech coaching, and voice coaching

Can help you with: Expressing yourself dynamically and persuasively; Preparing for a pitch; Storytelling; Speaking with confidence; Delivering your message with clarity.

Technology & Cloud

Brett Tackaberry, VP of Engineering, ​​Azavea

Knows a lot about:Tech Strategy & Planning; Cloud Tech; Data & Analytics; Coding & Development; Product management; Agile; DevOps; Web hosting & email.

Can help you with: Identifying tech opportunities; Adopting or improving agile; Acquiring data & building analytics dashboards.

Strategy, Systems transformation & Collaborative Design

Eva Oloumi, Founder, Paradeigma

Knows a lot about: Systems transformation & Strategy; Multi-lateral facilitation & collaborative design.

Can help you with: Building capacity in tackling seemingly unsolvable problems; Addressing critical challenges or opportunities that require navigating increasing complexity or uncertainty; Moving through grey areas where a path forward relies on multiple diverse and divergent sets of stakeholder groups.

Public Affairs & Strategic Communications

Adam J Smith, CEO, ​​Rise Up Strategies

Knows a lot about: Digital Strategies; Public Relations & Issues Management; Government Relations; Risk Management; Technology and Data Management.

Can help you with: Public Relations; Issues Management; Government Relations; Risk Management; Technology and Data Management.

Impact Measurement

Ashraful Hasan, Founder, U Impactify

Knows a lot about: Innovation Management, Change Management, Impact Evaluation.

Can help you with: Evaluating Impact; Measuring Strategic Performance. 

Legal Advice

Andrew Paterson, Lawyer, Durant Barristers

Knows a lot about: Legal Advice; Dispute Resolution; Risk Management; Civil Litigation; Workplace Investigations

Can help you with: Legal advice; Legal dispute resolution; Coordinating Workplace investigations; Litigating civil matters;  Legal risk management assessments

WordPress & Web Design

Frederic Sune, Founder, WP Expert

Knows a lot about: WordPress; Web Design; Website Improvement; SEO; Business processes automation.

Can help you with: WordPress issues; Website Development; Business automation using a WordPress website; SEO (On-page and general).

Social Enterprise

Jonathan Wade, President, Social Delta

Knows a lot about: Ideation; Partnership development; Incorporation; Business planning; Social financing; Marketing.

Can help you with: Connecting with community partners; Board orientation; Market Research; Business design; Pricing models.

Sales & Marketing

Jordan Hawn, Brand & Marketing Strategist, Hawn Consulting

Knows a lot about: Omni-channel marketing strategy; Digital marketing strategy & tech execution; B2C/B2B sales strategy and consulting; Consumer behaviour; Customer acquisition tactics & strategy.

Can help you with: Structuring your sales approach & pitch; Sales coaching & consulting; Understanding & improving customer acquisition tactics; Crafting a strong multi-channel marketing strategy; Website & marketing systems evaluation & recommendations.

“The coaches have amazing backgrounds and experience to draw from, and they're also really open-minded — they honour your idea and want to support it in a non-judgmental way. They’re well-positioned to be able to provide next steps, and ask those real, critical questions that you need to be answering in order to move forward.” 

— Adam Robb, Co-Founder of The Howl Experience

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“Being able to go to the coaches to help you achieve whatever your objectives are — it just makes total sense to me. They always give me new perspectives, knowledge and expertise that I don't have. It's been wonderful — I really feel like they're part of my team.”

 Lisa Deacon, Co-Founder of DataFest Ottawa

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