Hubbers do good better

Impact Hub Ottawa is a community and coworking space located in downtown Ottawa that inspires, enables and supports people working to create meaningful change in the world. Anyone who shares our vision for a better future for our city and our world is welcome to join us.

Powered by a 10,000 sq.ft. space purposefully designed for people to work, meet and create, we are part of a global network of over 15,000 purpose-driven individuals and organizations in 102 Impact Hubs around the world.

Our People

Impact Hub Ottawa is home to a vibrant community of entrepreneurs, freelancers, professionals, nonprofits, NGOs, small businesses, public servants, artists, designers, developers and more. This diversity of multi-generational and cross-sector perspectives, insights, and experiences creates a rich environment for ideas and opportunities to spark and collide.

Our Place

Impact Hub Ottawa is located in the heart of downtown Ottawa just steps away from key business, government and cultural centres. Our bright, fully accessible, open-concept facility lends itself to hosting meetings, workshops, strategic planning sessions, networking, business launches, and much more.

Our Programs

  1. Jonathan Wade: Give your Social Enterprise Wings

    Expert in Residence: Give your Social Enterprise Wings

    Featuring: Jonathan…

  2. Daniyal Zafar: Build your Social Media Kingdom

    Expert in Residence: Build your Social Media Kingdom
    Featuring: Daniyal…

  3. Mary Houle: Presentations with Presence

    Expert in Residence: Presentations with Presence
    Featuring: Mary Houle

  4. Expert in Residence: WordPress Happiness Bar

    WordPress getting you down? Get your WordPress questions answered one-on-one…

Stories From Our Community

100-foot Art Mural at the Canada Science & Technology Museum

Guest Blog post by Hubber EEPMON a.k.a Eric Chan Friends, this is a moment that I have been waiting for. It has been a year of research, development, conceptualizing, interviewing, and creating…A year of learning, sharing and understanding. This is…

Meet Christine Franklin, Founder of Impact Hours

Is your non-profit wanting to ‘do good better’ while also trying to deal with all sorts of issues in running an organization? Do you know non-profits with gaps which could be filled with donated skills and experience? Would it help…

Impact Hub Ottawa turns 5!

We can hardly believe it, but Impact Hub Ottawa is turning 5 this month! To celebrate we are collecting stories that celebrate the power of community on a virtual storyboard so that we can all relive the most memorable, happy,…

Meet our Members: Shery Alexander Heinis

Shery Alexander Heinis is an emerging poet and one of the earliest Impact Hub Ottawa members. Born and raised on the island of St. Lucia in the Caribbean she has travelled the world and worked in a number of areas…