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With our impact-driven community of entrepreneurs, creators, innovators and grassroots changemakers, you’ll never have to lead alone again. Anything but intimidating, our members are dedicated to helping each other build businesses, gain new skills, and grow movements.

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Our members collaborate across industries and sectors, driven by a fierce commitment to making the world a better place. From Community Foundations of Canada to The Knowledge Society, leaders call our space home base for the kind of collaborative magic that propels meaningful, community-centred impact.



The Remote Worker

Brett has years of experience leading software engineering teams & creating mission-driven technologies. He joined the Hub in 2020 as a remote worker looking for a new office to call home.

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Finding Community

"For remote workers like me, staying connected can be hard. But being at the Hub allows me to get to know new people on a professional & social level, especially through weekly gatherings like Friday Unwinds & monthly salad bars."

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Staying Productive

“The Hub is a great place to be productive & has everything I need to work. With my dedicated desk membership, I have set up my ideal permanent workspace, with high-speed internet, & a hot cup of tea always nearby."

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Giving Back

Over the years, Brett has increasingly become involved in Impact Hub Ottawa’s community, becoming a part of our Coaching for Impact team, & hosting numerous lunch & learn events.

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The Volunteer Coordinator

Chohi is a new Hub member with his team at Capital Rainbow Refuge, where he is the Operations & Volunteer Coordinator. In this role, Chohi trains & builds the capacity of community groups to privately sponsor LGBTQI+ refugees.

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Community Connections

“Capital Rainbow Refuge had never had an office, but when the team grew this past year, we knew we wanted a space to collaborate in person.” “We are very grateful to TD who helped make the magic of us coming to the Hub possible."

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A Place to Collaborate

“We enjoy coming to the Hub, & this flexible setup is perfect for us! We use our time here to do collaborative work where it’s easier to ask my colleagues questions & work as a team.”

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The Local Environmentalist

Susan joined Impact Hub Ottawa in 2022 along with her colleagues from Ecology Ottawa who were looking to escape the traditional office model. “We used to have a typical office, but we moved to the Hub for greater flexibility.”

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Finding Space for a Small Team

“With our setup at the Hub, we have all the amenities we need without the need for office management like opening the office in the morning, buying milk, coordinating with building management, or troubleshooting internet issues."

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Building New Connections

Many Impact Hub Ottawa members have gotten to know Susan around the Harvest Table, where she often eats her lunch or enjoys a cup of fresh coffee in the company of new & familiar faces.

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Making the Most of Member Events

Never one to miss a fun or insightful opportunity, you will almost always find Susan participating in Impact Hub Ottawa’s member events like our Community Salad Bars, our skill sharing Tweakshops or Brown Bag Lunches.

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The Software Developer

Sungjune has had an incredible professional career, spanning from academia & electrical engineering to corporate life in Canada & Korea. Now in retirement, he has committed to a self-learning journey in software development.

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Finding New Impact

Sungjune always knew that after his traditional career, he wanted to continue to learn, make a difference & stay occupied. Through the Hub, he’s been introduced to many people & ideas in the impact sector that help drive his work.

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A Hub for Focus & Connection

“After retiring, I moved to software & needed somewhere to maintain focus & work. Through the Hub, I’ve been able to meet new people that I wouldn’t otherwise have since it’s hard to find connections when focused on coding.”

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The Full-Time Academic

André joined as a full-time coworker in the middle of the pandemic. At the time, he was looking for new connections and a productive space to complete his Ph.D. in hydrology, having moved to Ottawa from Brazil, via Saskatoon.

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A Hub Ottawa Expert

Recently, Andre became a volunteer front desk host at the Hub. You’ll often find him helping new members make the most of our amenities from free coffee and weekly events to favourite workspaces and meeting rooms.

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A Place to Collaborate

“During the pandemic, I was looking to work away from home and meet others. At the Hub, I’ve made great connections with people working in various environmental fields. It’s a great place to meet others with similar interests."

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Committed to Global Goals

Together, we support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals to end poverty, protect the planet, and reduce inequality.








“I get a lot of value from my membership including networking, learning from events and brown-bag lunches, and finding creative and brilliant collaborators for my projects.”

— Lisa Deacon, Member, Focus on Global Goal #11

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