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Public Affairs & Strategic Communications

Adam J Smith, CEO- Rise Up Strategies

Skills offered: Digital Strategies; Public Relations & Issues Management; Government Relations; Risk Management; Technology and Data Management.

Can help you with: Public Relations; Issues Management; Government Relations; Risk Management; Technology and Data Management.


Impact Measurement

Ashraful Hasan, Founder- Impactrio

Skills offered: Designing Training and Mentorship Programs; Client Communication Protocols.

Can help you with: Measuring Impact; Managing and reporting on Complex Projects; Monitoring Progress and Learning.


Technology & Cloud

Brett Tackaberry, CTO,

Knows a lot about:Tech Strategy & Planning; Cloud Tech; Data & Analytics; Coding & Development; Product management; Agile; DevOps; Web hosting & email.

Can help you with: Identifying tech opportunities; Adopting or improving agile; Acquiring data & building analytics dashboards.


Business Management

Emilie Wilcox Managing Partner, Founder Baiame Consulting

Knows a lot about: Business modeling; Risk management; Investment/financial analysis; Scaling; Financial and other internal controls.

Can help you with: Setting up a business; Building a business model; Building a financial model, identifying or mitigating risks, developing business continuity plans, pricing models.



Eve Blouin-Hudon, Founder- Bevy Creative

Skills offered: Creative thinking; Positive psychology and well-being; Productivity and time management. 

Can help you with: Understanding the creative process; implementing tools into your workflow to be more productive with your time; the grant writing process; cultivating wellbeing.


Strategy, Systems transformation & Collaborative Design

Eva Oloumi, Founder- Paradeigma

Skills offered:Systems transformation & Strategy; Multi-lateral facilitation & collaborative design.

Can help you with: Building capacity in tackling seemingly unsolvable problems: Addressing critical challenges or opportunities that require navigating increasing complexity or uncertainty; Moving through grey areas where a path forward relies on multiple diverse and divergent sets of stakeholder groups.


WordPress & Web Design

Frederic Sune, Founder- WP Expert

Skills offered: WordPress; Web Design; Website Improvement; SEO; Business processes automation.

Can help you with: WordPress issues; Website Development; Business automation using a WP website; SEO (On-page and general).

Jonathan Wade

Social Enterprise

Jonathan Wade, President- Social Delta

Knows a lot about: Ideation; Partnership development; Incorporation; Business planning; Social financing; Marketing.

Can help you with: Connecting with community partners; Board orientation; Market Research; Business design; Pricing models.


E-commerce & Retail

Krysta Roney, Local Community Manager- Shopify

Knows a lot about: E-commerce; Customer Discovery, Growth & Retention; Business planning; Business Coaching

Can help you with: Starting, growing & scaling e-commerce stores; Increasing web traffic & optimizing for conversions; Identifying customer personas. 


Storytelling (Returning in 2022)

Marley Lewington, Creative & Communications Director- Strategic Kindness

Knows a lot about: Storytelling; branding; campaign development; communication and brand strategy; graphic design.

Can help you with: Designing your brand; creating digital campaigns; writing news releases and op-eds; drafting your comm- unications strategy; performing a brand audit; writing social media content; managing social media platforms


Speech & Presentations

Mary Houle Registered speech pathologist, Founder Pronounced

Knows a lot about: Presentation delivery, Storytelling, Communication and Accent Clarity, Speech Coaching, Voice Therapy

Can help you with: Expressing yourself dynamically and persuasively; Preparing for a pitch; Storytelling; Speaking with confidence; Delivering your message with clarity.


Designing for Inclusion

Sharon Nyangweso, CEO & Founder, QuakeLab

Knows a lot about: Design thinking for inclusion; Equity in action; Community consultations; EDI/feminist lens; Digital communications

Can help you with: Equity assessments & action plans; Clarifying equity objectives; Journey mapping; Building a business embedded with equity.