COVID-19 Measures at Impact Hub Ottawa

As we’re sure is the case for many of you, we have been following news and the latest developments of COVID-19. Following current suggestions of both local authorities and learnings from our global network, we have decided to take adjusted measures at Impact Hub Ottawa until further notice to keep our immediate and broader community safe and support containment of the spread of COVID -19. Please be informed about the following changes: 

Coworking Measures:

  • We kindly request you to stay at home as necessary. If you develop Flu or COVID-19 like symptoms such as coughing (respiratory complaints) a fever, have recently been in contact with someone with these symptoms, or traveled to a known affected area in the last two weeks, we request you to stay at home following the guidelines and precautions advised by Ottawa Public Health.
  • For those coming into the space, we kindly ask you to assist by taking additional precautions including:
    • Cleaning of Shared Spaces: We might not be able to control what germs people bring in, but we can help them from spreading. While Impact Hub Ottawa takes responsibility for the overall cleanliness of the space and has increased our cleaning schedule and use of disinfectant products, we ask for your help in following the additional precautions outlined in the signage posted around the space.
    • Hand Washing: Washing your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water for 20 seconds is a simple action everyone can do to prevent the virus or other germs from spreading.
    • For the time being, we will reserve the right to deny people access to our space without exception for those returning from contaminated areas or with Flu/COVID-19 like symptoms, until it is conclusively determined that there is no infection or risk.
  • If you do become infected or have been in contact with infected people, we ask you to immediately inform katie@hubottawa.org about this so we can identify potential risks and inform the community as necessary.

Events and Meeting Measures:

  • Impact Hub Hosted Events: Impact Hub Ottawa is postponing our larger events and reviewing options to make our weekly member programming available virtually. Keep an eye on our events calendar in the portal for any updates to the schedule.
  • External Events: We are also reviewing the risk of external events hosted in our space, based on their size and the number of traveling attendees. Each event will be reviewed individually and we are working with individual organizers to postpone and/or cancel these events as necessary.
  • Meetings: With regard to small-scale meetings and events, where there are no traveling attendees, we will not be cancelling these for the time being but will follow the advice of Ottawa Public Health and act accordingly in the light of any changes.
  • We are also informing all member guests and visitors about our coworking measures, so please pass along this information to any guests and be aware of who you are inviting to our space.

In addition to these measures we ask the community to continue to display our values of a caring and collaborative community. As it is up to all of us, we ask that you contribute to adhering to the measures described above and we will continue to keep a close eye to the news, as we continue to review our needs to take further precautions in our community.


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