Our Commitment to Climate Action: Introducing Zero Waste Days

On September 27, alongside Impact Hub Co-Stewards and members, we joined thousands of others in the march to Parliament Hill for the Global Climate Strike, asking for action on climate change.

We were not alone. All around the world, friends in our global network of 100 Impact Hubs and 16,000 members also took part. As a global network that believes in putting the planet first and the power of entrepreneurship to create a more just and sustainable world, we’ve been inspired to continue this conversation and to reflect on our own contributions and what more we can do.

Our commitments as a global network

  1. We will leverage the power of our 16,000+ network of changemakers to showcase what is already being done, raise awareness and serve as inspiration for others.
  2. We will continue working towards less waste every day and add to our efforts of reducing our environmental footprint by having at least one #zerowaste day per month in every Impact Hub, no matter what activities we are running that day.
  3. We will put the planet first by reflecting on how our operations are run, and whenever possible and available, switch to more climate-friendly practices (reducing food waste, changing to renewable energy sources, avoiding single-use plastic, etc.).
  4. We will share best practices and support each other in making those options available to others.
  5. We will make conscious and environmental choices when travelling and offsetting our carbon footprint when journeying to meet in person.


Our local commitments

At Impact Hub Ottawa, sustainability is one of our core values and has been part of our decision-making process since opening. Here are some of the ways we promote sustainability in our community:

  • Composting and recycling: We provide composting services and recycle bottles through Bottleworks, an Operation Come Home social enterprise. 
  • Offsetting our energy use: Bullfrog Powered, we’re investing in putting our equivalent use of renewable energy back onto the grid. 
  • Supporting sustainable event practices: Offering sustainable dishware options and implementing sustainable practices for event rentals, including banning the use of plastic water bottles. 
  • Sustainable procurement: Being mindful of sourcing supplies locally and using sustainable options whenever possible.
  • Printing: Encouraging members to be mindful and aware of their printing habits.

Doubling down on sustainability

Starting in the new year, we are introducing monthly zero waste days at Impact Hub Ottawa. Our goal as a community is to curb our waste down to only compost, with challenges every month to help us get there – from cutting down on printing, food packaging and more.

For the rest of 2019, we’re challenging ourselves to understand our current habits by performing a waste audit. We’ll review what gets discarded and what waste can be reduced to prepare for the first #zerowasteday in 2020.

Want to join our team as a climate ambassador at Impact Hub?

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