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"The strength that comes from human collaboration is the central truth behind civilization's success and the primary reason why cities exist...we must free ourselves from our tendency to see cities as their buildings, and remember that the real city is made of flesh, not concrete." - Edward Glaeser

Re-imagining and shaping the future of Canada's city

With a population reaching 1 million, Ottawa is in the midst of an exciting transition from a 'big small city' to a 'small big city'. With this growth comes many complex, interconnected challenges - but also an extraordinary opportunity and capacity for creative and innovative solutions.

A shared community asset since Day 1, Impact Hub Ottawa has become the home for civic and social innovation in Canada's capital. We aim to break through traditional silos and domains to bring together passionate people and brilliant ideas from across the public, private, and community sectors.

Together with our cross-sector community of change-makers, we are co-creating a 21st-century platform for collaborative problem-solving where citizens, institutions, businesses, and government can come together to share knowledge and resources, learn from each other's successes and failures, experiment with new ideas, and create a brighter, more optimistic future for our city.

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Advancing innovation through collaboration

City-building, innovation, and 'doing good' are no longer the sole domain of government, business, or the philanthropic sector. Our most pressing challenges weren't created by any one organization or sector, and no single entity has the resources, capacity, or answers to solve these issues alone. We need to better harness the diversity of lived experiences and and wealth of talent of our greatest assets - the citizens who are best positioned to deeply understand the challenges facing our city and re-imagine its future possibilities.

The Hub partners with like-minded organizations to create opportunities that activate our collective ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit and fully realizes the creative and innovative potential of our citizens. We believe that cross-sector collaboration, social innovation, and civic entrepreneurship are powerful assets with which to create meaningful change and social impact for the public good.

Whether you've lived here your whole life, or you moved here for work, school, family, or new opportunities, we invite you to join your fellow citizens who care about our capital - what the late Jean Pigott called "every Canadian's second hometown" - and work with us to make it a better place for all.

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The work of city-building is never finished, and requires the relentless pursuit of progress, an idea that is beautifully illustrated by our official motto, "Advance-Ottawa-En Avant". Join our movement to collectively reimagine, transform, and co-create our future city.

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