Impact Hub Ottawa is a member based community and a coworking space built around shared values of collaboration and positive impact.

Who is it for? All kinds of people, which is what makes Impact Hub so special. Solo entrepreneurs and freelance professionals, teams and start-ups but also non-profits, activists and public servants, artists and designers, and intrapreneurs working to create change.

Whatever your profile, we can meet your unique needs. Find the description that best matches who you are.


Your day job keeps you busy but you thrive in collaborative spaces. You come to Impact Hub seeking to connect with people and ideas. You enjoy being part of a community and relish out-of-the-box encounters and opportunities. You check in to Impact Hub often, both on and offline, for your daily dose of inspiration.

At Impact Hub Ottawa you ... 

  • meet inspiring people
  • create meaningful relationships
  • participate in purposeful events
  • touch base in a friendly space

The start up

You have an idea you are working to grow and look for opportunities at every turn. Networking, mentorship, and resources are all high on your list of priorities. You come to Impact Hub to make valuable connections, find learning opportunities, and share your excitement about what you do with people who get it.

At Impact Hub Ottawa you ... 

  • make valuable connections
  • learn skills and access resources
  • find an audience who will listen
  • find a safe place to build your project

The Veteran

Blood, sweat and tears haven’t dampened your drive and you’re always on the lookout for the next big thing. Whatever the sector you work in, you are happy to make time to share an insight or idea. You come to Impact Hub to get your best work done and end up staying because it feels like home.

At Impact Hub Ottawa you ... 

  • use the workspace and the meeting rooms
  • make friends
  • find unexpected opportunities
  • share your talents


Impact Hub Membership. What you get: Membership to a global community of changemakers and a city-wide network of purpose driven professionals. Access to our full roster of events programming that inspire, connect, and resource members. Drop-in access to our collaborative co-working space during business hours. Discounted pricing for use of meeting, event and workshop space. Tea, coffee and WiFi on site. Discounts and perks with partner organizations.



Make our beautiful collaborative workspace your home away from home. With all the amenities of an office, our carefully designed space is more than just somewhere to work. The rich mix of formal and informal events, the hosted environment and our fabulous community kitchen area make for a unique meeting place right in the heart of Ottawa’s downtown.



40 coworking hours/month

2 meeting room hours/month



unlimited coworking hours/month

4 meeting room hours/month

Team Cowork

30% off 3° member

Flexible team packages

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monthly rates on

storage lockers

mail boxes

extra hours

Make our beautiful collaborative workspace your home away from home!