In celebrating its 5 year anniversary, Impact Hub Ottawa released a How to Guide To Do Good Better- a reflection on our experiences and bear witness to our community’s pursuit of a better world. The members of our community, regardless of their background, sector, or the stage in their journey - from explorers to startups and veterans and sometimes back around again - have shared their stories on what inspires, connects, and enables them. 

A sharing of stories and journeys, through successes and failures, in an effort to document our learning, and provide some small aid in your own pursuit to #dogoodbetter.  


The first step in any innovation or new venture is a moment of inspiration. A moment where empathy, questioning, and inspiration collide to bring light to new potential. Our members tell us what they've learned about inspiration: 
  • David McGee - Is there Community?
  • Jen Hunter- It's OK to Fail
  • Valérie Leloup- Follow Challenges to Find Inspiration
  • Kat Kavanagh- Know Your Why


Impact cannot happen in isolation. Connections between different backgrounds, sectors, and skills provides a tension of perspectives that leads to innovation. Our members tell us what they've learned about connecting: 
  • Toni Van Eedan- Connect Authentically
  • Karine Diedrich- Seek Diverse Perspectives
  • Katie Gibbs- Surround Yourself By Bold and Inspiring People


Together with inspiration and connection, everything else comes down to enabling ingredients. Our members tell us what else it took: 
  • Tiffanie Tri- Know Your Value
  • Ajmal Sataar- Enable Others
  • Mike De Souza- Connect With Your Audience
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Impact & Failure Reporting

In 2013 and 2015 Impact Hub Ottawa published an Impact and Failure Report: much like an annual report, this reviews past initiatives and sets direction for the future. Unlike an annual report, it takes a deep dive into both the successes and failures.