In Good Company @ Impact Hub Ottawa

In Good Company

Some things have changed here at 123 Slater. Not only have we expanded our space, but we’ve also welcomed a new community of coworkers. If you haven’t yet popped by to see what–and who–is new, come on by! In the meantime, let me walk you through:

Upon entering Impact Hub Ottawa you’ll be greeted by one of our hosts in the main gathering place–a home to our weekly community events, and a coveted spot to work in the sun thanks to the floor to ceiling windows surrounding the space.

Venture past the workshop and meeting rooms to find a congregation of coworkers–people who choose ‘the Hub’ as their space to work and community to concentrate their efforts on social or environmental impact. Coworking members bring their ideas and laptops and find their spot for the day, be that a couch, a standing desk, or yoga ball.

Continue around the corner and you’ll find the entryway to our recently expanded space, a colourful
staircase leading you to the seventh floor. There, you will find a new kind of coworker: our dedicated desk members. While some are not new to the space, they are part of our new offering of 24/7 access and a permanent spot to work toward their missions. 

The goal of this new space is to convene like-minded organizations deploying social innovation in our Nation’s Capital to address the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 
Among the 30+ desks and clusters, you’ll find a mix of individuals and small teams working alongside each other to address the root causes of poverty, create more sustainable cities and communities, reduce inequalities, promote clean energy, and so much more.

picture of deskOver the next several weeks, we’ll continue this tour and introduce you to our dedicated desk colleaguesand to the collaborative opportunities we’re exploring together. In the meantime, I encourage you to explore who they are and how they’re contributing to our community and world. 

And if this sounds like your ideal work crew and home for your mission driven org or initiative, there are a few desks still available. Email me
 or fill out our application to find out more.


Katie Miller
Managing Director, Impact Hub Ottawa

P.S. Remember the colourful staircase? Each step of the staircase represents one of the 17 goals that make up the SDGs. The top step symbolizing the seventeenth goal, ‘Partnership for the Goals,’ – a subtle nod to our collective commitment to moving forward the goals for Canada and beyond, together.

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