Our New Home

Before we even had a home base, Impact Hub Ottawa was (and continues to be) first and foremost a community for creative and entrepreneurial changemakers who were looking for a way to collaborate across sectors and silos for social innovation.

It was this community that helped envision, build, and animate our collaborative workspace at 71 Bank St., the place we've called home for the past four years.

During that time, our community has grown into a diverse range of people and organizations working to do good better. Our members include artists and scientists, entrepreneurs and public servants, non-profits and tech startups, working to make our world a better place.

Our space has hosted hundreds of community events, receptions, speaker panels, dance parties, workshops, yoga classes, meetups, fundraising galas, hackathons, offsite retreats, photo shoots, film screenings...you name it, we've probably hosted it.

It's time to take our community and our impact to the next level.

That's why we are so excited to be moving into a new and expanded space in early 2017 with our friends and partners, the Community Foundations of Canada. And just like four years ago, it will only be possible with the support and involvement of our community.

We will be posting all move-related news, updates, and opportunities on this page - follow along with our journey and co-create Impact Hub Ottawa's new home with us!

Become a Co Steward!

Our new location (available May 2017) will be able to accommodate small teams in dedicated workspaces. If your organization is looking to be surrounded by other entrepreneurial changemakers, in an inspiring environment that will stimulate your creativity and create opportunities for collaboration, let us know - we'd love to chat! Read more about the opportunity here.

Follow our journey

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