Late last year, we kicked off our 6th cohort of Impact Academy and welcomed 25 new social entrepreneurs to the Impact Hub Community. In the second of a four-part series, we are sharing with you their innovative projects and inspiring stories of why they chose to create positive impact in our community.

Read on to learn more about six more of our amazing Impacters!


IverFashion Inc.

Travis Iverson.12829108_971673292926961_8940131346576438012_o

I started the fashionable accessible line because I always loved the feeing of looking good before my injury and wanted it even more being in a wheelchair always being looked down at and I didn’t enjoy taking forever to accomplish it. I would see an outfit on a manikin in a high end store and purchase it to find out it just didn’t accommodate my specify needs and that frustrated me a lot. IF Inc. specializes in skin friendly breathable materials with unique adapted features that foster independence and protect against skin irritation.

original-logos-2016-Dec-4222-584974556da5d-2Mikea Makers and Builders

Mike Robillard

We have built a number of buildings for ourselves over the years. What struck us was the cost of skilled trades, materials and waste with conventional construction. When we wanted to build a remote cabin for ourselves and recognized our own limitations we decided to innovate. We knew there had to be a better way to build and we had to share it. Leveraging our skilled trade friends and critically a structural engineer we set out to innovate how we build. The result is the Mikea Maker Panel which is an insulated panel for steel framing. The system has preplanned windows/doors and steel framing inserted into panels. This makes a light, strong and easy to assembly system with little site waste. Check them out at 

Purposeful Fundraising

Mena GainpaulsinghPF Logo small

I’m passionate about charities, non-profits and social enterprises, and all the good that they can do in the world, but they often have such limited resources to fulfil their missions as successfully as they would like to.  At Purposeful Fundraising, we support organizations to become more adept at developing their fundraising capacity so that they can raise more funds, become more sustainable and continue to make the world a better place for us all to live in.

Savanna Consulting

Anna Savelyeva Final-Savanna-Logo-(colour)

Driven by upstream approaches to improving health and nutrition, Anna pursued a Master’s degree in Food Policy. While completing her thesis, she found few suitable frameworks and tools designed to navigate the complexity of food systems. Savanna Consulting aims to provide non-profit organizations working within complex systems with support on applying a systems thinking lens to their work through the delivery of custom toolkits and workshops. Learn more at or follow Anna on Twitter.

Capital Glass Co-op

Stephanie BakCGC logo Google

Within a year of learning how to blow glass at Sheridan, I saw the potential of how it could benefit youth at risk. Somehow, I envisioned a program that would have the clients involved in all aspects of running a glass shop and minding a retail gallery selling their glass art with the proceeds going back into the program. Today this initial vison has evolved somewhat. Through my own work and its easthetic, I recognize that we all have a story to tell. Mine is that I am not only a glassblower, but I am also a painter and you can recognize this in my glass art. My goal is to introduce glass art making to Indigenous youth and guide them to tell their personal story this incredible craft medium. Another side effect of glassblowing, is that it is beneficial to mental health. I was a sufferer of chronic major depression before I started blowing glass. The light and heat from the hot glass furnace combined with the physicality and level of mindful engagement has a powerful healing effect on the mind. When you blow glass, it is hard to think of anything else. If you get distracted you run the risk of getting burnt. When you manage to make something and put it away in the annealer to cool, a great feeling of accomplishment rushes over you. You did it! What a great way to get stronger and stronger. Learn more at or contact Stephanie at

Katie Miller