We are thrilled announce a partnership with The Commons, a local community initiative that aims to recreate and reimagine the civic commons – open spaces where a cross-sector exchange of ideas and support can ignite and incubate sustainable change.

Starting June, The Commons and Impact Hub Ottawa will be convening Peer Learning Circles focused on prevalent and pressing social issues:

  • Food & Environment
  • Well-being, Inclusion, and Equity

The circles on these topics aim to bring Hubbers and community members together to build meaningful relationships, engage in reflective dialogue, and take purposeful action.

Whether you work in these areas in a professional capacity or are merely interested in learning about or contributing to solutions for these issues, everyone is welcome to join.

Hosted by Dave Harder, a dedicated community-builder, experienced facilitator, and longtime champion of the Hub, the learning circles will continue to meet once a month on their respective Wednesday mornings at Impact Hub Ottawa. Bring your breakfast – coffee is on us!

The Peer Learning Circles will be facilitated and hosted to firstly learn about each other, establish shared values and common interests, and then explore ways to learn from each other, harness the combined insights and expertise of the group to support each other, and engage in ideation and collective action towards possible solutions and common good.

Be part of dialogue and action by joining us, and stay tuned for follow-up blog posts from Dave on the activities and progress of each circle.

We’re excited to be working with you to #dogoodbetter!

James Chan