Amy Longard and Manal Nemr are long-time members of Impact Hub Ottawa. Both entrepreneurs in their own right – Manal as a life Amy and Manalcoach and founder of Beautiful Happy Reasons and Amy as a holistic nutritionist and plant based chef at Amy Longard Nutrition – after meeting at the Hub decided to launch a community to foster happiness through intentional, every day actions called Happiness Habits 613.
The idea they wish to inspire people to embrace is that happiness can be cultivated. How? By understanding some of the principles that contribute to happiness,  things like creating meaningful experiences, feeling gratitude, being in touch with nature and being part of a community. Happiness Habits 613 organises events open to anyone looking to explore and nurture what makes them happy – from learning how to stretch and unwind after a long week to making Kombucha!


Learn more at: Happiness Habits 613

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