Guest Blog post by Hubber EEPMON a.k.a Eric Chan


Friends, this is a moment that I have been waiting for. It has been a year of research, development, conceptualizing, interviewing, and creating…A year of learning, sharing and understanding. This is a starship in my world! I am proud to announce my latest masterpiece titled, “YOURS TO DISCOVER” spanning 100 feet wide by 17 feet tall, installed permanently at the new Canada Science and Technology Museum (CSTM).

As I reflect back, I want to thank the following for making this dream project into reality: My collaborator and dear friend Tanya Woods – Chief Impact Officer of Kind Village, Christina Tessier – Director General of the Canada Science & Technology Museum, Alex Benay – Chief Information Officer for the Government of Canada, the entire CSTM & Ingenium crew, 3D renderer An An Abushushe, fabricators Legendary Workshop and Nspired Signs.

But don’t let the dimension distract you from what’s really going on…there is so much embedded stories waiting to be discovered as you journey across the 100 foot mural with mascots eepMonkey and banana bird!

I also want YOU to walk through this mural and discover your own stories. From the past, present, and into the future. Visit the CSTM website to learn more about the museum’s many activities!

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Thank you for your time to read this far!

EEPMON a.k.a. Eric Chan
Founder, Digital Artisan