logo-hero-100in1day2018-600x578What would happen if hundreds of people decided to come together to transform their neighbourhoods and cities?

On Saturday June 2nd twelve cities across Canada will see citizens leading initiatives in public spaces in the context of the global 100in1Day festival.

Founded in 2012 in Bogota, Columbia, 100in1Day has inspired hundreds of community-based interventions in cities around the world. Supported by Future Cities Canada and local community partners, Synapcity will this year be hosting the festival’s second edition in Ottawa.

The possibilities are endless, from street art projects to free outdoor music performances, flash mob events to community picnics, community bike rides to temporary art installations, pop-up parks, guerilla gardening projects, neighbourhood walking tours, and so much more.

We asked Synapcity’s Executive Director Laine Johnson to tell us a little more about it:

Laine: We’re so excited to be hosting 100in1Day again – it’s perfectly aligned with our mission as an organisation. We’re creating spaces for people to express their priorities for their communities. What makes it even more interesting this year is the municipal election…!

What excites you the most?
The best thing about 100in1Day is how diverse the activities are. That’s the thing about it being citizen-led: you get a great mix of people bringing their own voices forward. This year, we’re seeing everything from nature walks to chalk drawings to sit-ins on affordable housing. There’s so much to do, see, talk about!

Who can participate, and why should they?
Anyone can participate! All you need is one idea – as simple or elaborate as you like – and the willingness to run with it. Why should you participate? Well, it’s a perfect way to connect with the community, to meet people you might not have otherwise, and to express what you want to see in Ottawa.

Ok, I’m sold – what next? Any advice for budding organisers?
Welcome aboard! If you’re trying to think of an idea, consider what you’d like to see more – or less! – of in the city! If you need help, ask a friend! Your neighbour! Anyone at all – you might be surprised. Finally, 100in1Day is a platform to be as creative as you like – so have fun!

Find out more about 100in1Day and how to participate here.