Finding Wellness at Work

by Meghan Johnston


I have been working in the field of yoga and wellness for almost ten years. Despite the growing popularity of meditation, yoga and mindfulness practices I’ve noticed that people still seem more stressed out than ever. I know from speaking with students and clients that this stress is manifesting in so many forms: muscles tension and pain, insomnia, issues with digestion, mental health, the list goes on. For many, work is one of the primary causes of health issues.

Let’s Talk About Stress

Stress itself can be a powerful force for creation. It can move us to do exciting and powerful things at work like pitch our ideas, develop new tools and products, and give important presentations. It’s natural to feel stressed when stepping out of our comfort zone, but properly managing that level matters. When stress becomes our default mode we might start to experience the effects on our bodies and minds.


My Journey with Stress

In my own journey of health and wellness one of the biggest factors at any given time is my relationship with my own work. I started yoga as a way of managing stress during university. It quickly became my anchor for finding wellness in my own body and mind. I have used these same tools since in a variety of workplaces and now as someone who is self-employed. When I take regular breaks for movement, meditation and mindfulness I feel more vibrant and able to handle whatever comes my way with creativity and grace. During the times when I have let go of these practices I get worn down, feel less in control of my emotions and experience more negative thinking, fatigue and energy crashes. After experiencing the power of integrating these practices into my work day, I became really passionate about sharing the knowledge and tools for stress reduction in workplaces.

The Benefits of Mindful Movement & Meditation Breaks

Incorporating regular breaks for movement and meditation can be transformational. Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Reduce stress: The more we practice regularly calming our nervous system, the more we are able to move between states of stress and recovery with greater ease.
  • Boost Flow: Productivity experts talk about the importance of being able to access “flow states” where things come naturally and with ease. These states are when our work is at its most powerful. Movement and meditation can help us get into these flow states so that we can harness and channel our creative power.
  • Regulate Energy: As we reduce stress and become more mindful of our own energetic rhythms we can start to work to prevent fatigue and energy crashes through movement and breath.




Meghan Johnston is a Yoga & Wellness Educator with a passion for empowering others to reframe their relationship with stress. She works with groups and individuals to promote deeper understandings of the mind-body relationship while equipping them with tangible tools to live more vibrant lives. Meghan’s offerings are dynamic, accessible and geared to supporting all styles of learning. She  provides a memorable and impactful experience by weaving her training with international organization Yoga Medicine, alongside her past work experience in higher education, where she provided training and programming to students on wellness and community building.