Our Managing Director, Katie Miller, speaks to Adil Skalli of A Luta Continua, a CKCU FM series on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). She shares how the Impact Hub global network is embracing the SDGs and how everyone can contribute to achieving its goals.

Some key highlights from the interview:

  • The Impact Hub global network adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) also known as the Global Goals or Agenda 2030 in 2017 as a lens to capture both the impact of our members and our network.
  • Impact Hub Ottawa continues to drive greater collaboration towards the goals in our community, as well as the role we can all play as individuals.
  • Everyone can have a positive impact on the goals. Here are just a couple ideas for you to get started:
    • Challenge yourself to change just one habit of wasteful consumption at a time
    • Consider your personal investments
    • And if If you want to do more, don’t start alone – collaborate! Joining the Impact Hub Ottawa community is a great way to get started.

Listen to the full conversation
(starting at 11:38) to find out why the SDGs are relevant to us as all and more on what we can all do help to achieve them.

Special mentions included of our members, Water Rangers, and partners Possibilian Ventures and Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-Operative.