To some, the start of a new year is just another day, while for others, it can be a new lease on life. But let’s be honest, we were probably all relieved when January 1st, 2021 rolled around.

While difficulties of the past 10 months which have impacted us all in different ways still cloud the start of the new year, there is an opportunity for us to learn from how we dealt with the realities of 2020 to maximize our wellbeing and impact this year.

The Hub’s greatest strength has always been our unique community, working together to create a more just and sustainable world. Whether thought weekly hub hangs, BBLs or wine downs – the ability to be connected and learn from an ecosystem of inspiring individuals, organizations and dedicated coaches is what has always helped Hubbers get ahead.

So we wanted to make sure all our resources were as accessible as possible to help you get ahead. That’s why we’re launching our virtual membership, the best way to connect with our community, benefit from all we have to offer, and level-up in 2021.

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Here’s how we can help you get ahead 

Our virtual membership provides you with the opportunity to build strong new connections, access all our professional development resources, including our team of Coaches, and get the most out of our community-driven weekly events.

Our exclusive Impact Hub Ottawa community slack will be available to all members. This is where you can connect and network with other members as well as with our team to work through problems, learn from one another and share important conversation.

Our experienced team of Coaches are ready to help you with any professional concerns as well as give you unique insight into a variety of niche fields, from marketing & communications strategy to perfecting a pitch to investors, measuring your impact, and even navigating legal or accounting issues. 

We’re also offering a variety of perks including access to exclusive weekly community networking events and member-driven skill-sharing sessions, our hub-date and BBL briefer newsletters, promotion of your work on through our communications channels, projects or announcements on our social media, as well as discounts and perks from our hub partner businesses.

Our entire team here at Impact Hub Ottawa is excited to welcome you into our community as we do all that we can to support you in getting the most out of 2021.

  • At just $35/month, we have tried to make our virtual membership as affordable as possible to allow anyone to benefit from what our community has to offer. 

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Disclaimer: All Impact Hub Ottawa co-working and connect members have access to the virtual membership perks!