Meet Our Members

Our community members - made up of social innovators, startups, freelancers, public servants, students, not-for-profits and NGOs, among others - place equal importance on financial sustainability and the well being of society and our planet in order to assess how we are creating value and impact.
We support our members in helping to grow their successes, impact, and opportunities. At Impact Hub, we take a multi-dimensional approach to capturing the collective impact of our members and our community on bettering the world.

Membership Profile

Eric Chan

Eric is a Digital Artisan intersecting visual art and technology. His alter ego eepmon’s multidisciplinary creations combin…

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Jen Hunter

GreatWork is a technology that helps organizations cultivate and rally around their best ideas. As a small start-up team, Gre…

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Lee Rose

Part platform, part process, Community Knowledge Exchange (CKX) seeks to spark fundamental shifts in how individuals, institu…

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Ajmal Sataar

CigBins is an Ottawa-based social enterprise that collects and recycles the number one most littered item in the world, cigar…

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Jill Pyle

This Canadian startup joined Hub Ottawa almost three years ago during their early startup phase and has since scaled up to be…

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Frédéric Sune

Simply put, the Ottawa Tool Library (OTL) is a place where you can borrow tools instead of books – whether it’s a hand, p…

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Manal Nemr

Hub members Amy Longard, a holistic nutritionist; Yogi Kate Durie and Manal Nemr, a Life Coach, joined forces to create the #…

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Patrick McCormack

House of PainT is a block party and community BBQ that brings heads out into the sun to sit on the grass, listen to good tune…

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