Your burning questions answered by our experts! The Experts in Residence series makes professional advice from experts in a range of fields – from fundraising to marketing, public speaking to banking – available to all Hub members for free on a weekly basis. Find out more about who they are and what they do with this mini interview series! Today meet Alexander Robertson, senior account manager and not for profit specialist at the Royal Bank of Canada. How can he help you? Read on to find out!

What makes you an “expert” in your field?

Ten years of experience as stock broker and analyst makes me an expert in helping to identify and develop the structure and systems most likely to help an organization succeed while a lifetime growing up in a diplomatic family and travelling all over the world developed the broad perspective and passion for helping for others that I feel is paramount for success in a social enterprise.

What questions can Hubbers ask you?

The most common question I get asked is: what do I do? The best way to think of me is as the centre of a team of professionals every entrepreneur needs to succeed. As a banker, I am often the only other person with a view of every aspect of the daily goings on of any organization. While it is vitally important to have a lawyer, an accountant, and many other professionals in your corner; someone needs to help tie it all together. Luckily, I’m also the only one that gives out advice for free!

What can Hubbers expect from you?

They can expect me to focus on getting to know them during our time together. Anyone and everyone is welcome to approach me, the most important thing that comes from these drop in hours is the chance to get know someone new so that when either of us has a question in the future we know someone we can ask.

What are the most common “banking fails”? 

The most common banking fail has to be ‘the set it and forget it’ approach some people take. The pace of change applies as much to banking as to anything else in the world. What was the perfect solution this morning might be the most expensive option by tonight. Maintaining an ongoing dialog with your banker, whoever they may be, has to be one of the key factors in effectively managing a new enterprise.

Hubbers can talk to Alex every Tuesday from 1-3pm.